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Level Up, Rescue the world!!

Can we rescue the Planet while we do what we like the most, Play video games, use Apps and even share memes? The answer is yes ! , if you support us.


Many times we have seen how these activities are demonized most of the times unfairly, but thanks to studies it has been proven that playfulness improves cognitive abilities and also the benefit for our brain to have a good time is double. Now it would also help the planet. Of course using them with responsibility.

That is our premise.


Now the story behind this adventure

Hi  I'm Iván Leon. Chavarro M., my passion  and gift is the drawing & art, I’m Electronic and Telecomunications Engineer, I 've worked in  illustration for some books and for several years developing software too.   see about section.

After the incident in 2011 (Japan earthquake and Fukushima disaster), I firmly believe that video games can serve a social purpose, without leave the fun apart.

Thus was born L-Mental Games SAS, initially with my own work (This Game K-Bot & advergames).

Iván Leon. Chavarro's works and draws


Thanks to God and the life I met  Pedro Rolando López, who help me  with contacts and videogames marketing’s  tips ; while creating Kbot  Pedro Rolando have his first child, but his Son was born wih a  congenital condition called  Giant congenital melanocytic nevus, that could turn malignant, to save his son and help other children with this problem Pedro Create a foundation.


I decide then to help my friend and so is  the first beneficiary of  L-Mental challenge Project in its first version (2016). Because Lucas, his Son, requires nine surgeries to remove totally his nevus.


furthermore,  more Causes and problematic to solve will be added to the project.  you can even recommending causes.

Now you and we 're going to help ECO foundations, Rescue the world.




We have all seen the virality with which videos and memes are a phenomenon showing pollution, pollution and environmental disasters, and reach millions of people who, with concern, can only comment, react or give a like, a few will take action but We all know that the euphoria lasts a few days.


On the other hand we have seen videos with incredible solutions, inventions that can or could positively change the planet. Projects that we can directly support by donating or sharing, but what if there is an intermediate step where we can support them economically without having to go through the ATM? By playing "K-Bot Krypto Gamessenger" you will, as a percentage of the earnings per advertising will be donated the following Projects:


Initiatives that we will all support:

Start helping and having fun Right now !!


Continue in L-Challenge section

And Don’t forget

Level up!, Rescue the world !!   #Play4TheWorld

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