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World Rank Gkets , (Maps/Levels)  1st will have rewards.


Weekly Influencers Contest with more G-ECOins paid


Please Share with all your friends and mates, if more people play , more Gains (Money) to share , and more sponsor will support the cause with better and bigger rewards. Ahh and tell to your favourites youtubers/Influencers to Join to this movement.

Our Planet Win!

I've created the K-bot Krypto Gamessenger  game. Solve all Gamessages by playing it, collect G-ECOins and save the World! we will donate a % of the profits by Ads (get alot of it) to help the planet.

please Share Gamessages with friends.


Furthermore play the Levels too, are 5 Maps with 34+ Levels and Growing,
Collect by each map an special medal.



Start helping and having fun Right now !!

Me and my Company Win!


Let me continue Founding this iniciative, let me bring to live,  projects, experiences, videogames and technology,  each time better that have a positive impact in us and our enviroment.   Continue reading my history and more.

please Share Gamessages in K-Bot  with friends.

Next ?

Level Up, Rescue the world!


Furthermore Great FINAL soon ... End 2021.

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