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Are video games bad? What they will say?
If we tell them that these will save the planet
and also by solving the puzzle, you release a historical NFT - the 1st NFFT or royalty-entitled NFT!

Be, a real Hero, I propose you to crack 3 encrypted riddles for each one I give you an NFT of the art of this game. The value of these will grow, and the next step in this project will expand your universe. I will use part of the earnings from advertising and other NFTs to help the planet and fund the K project, follow us and I will tell you how.

  1. copy the encrypted question.

  2. Download K-Bot Krypto Gamessenger.

  3. Paste the encrypted question into the second K-Bot option.

  4. Play and discover the question.

  5. Enter the correct answer to release the NFT Trophy before others.


1st stage use K-Bot and crack the Enigma!

This is the first Crypto "Gamesáje" that you will see, use K-BOT to decipher it, discover a unique Trophy, an NFT (BlockChain Polygon, eco-friendly) of the art of the game, with value increasing thanks to the project, in addition the NFT has a contract that gives the bearer a royalty return, a % of profits for one year (to be defined).

There will be NFFTs with rights to % of project shares. The collection will be available soon.

This will help us finance the expansion of the Universe!


1* Copy the Encrypted question:

To crack the riddle question, copy it in full (next button) and "Paste it" to play in the second button of the K-bot Krypto Gamessenger game...


Lvl 1

2* Download and Paste in K-Bot the code,
Play it to crack this Riddle and save the world from devastation.


A threat is emerging, a mutant radioactive pollution monster? Avoid with your skills a disaster in an old and insecure nuclear plant, you are Professor Ives and with his robot K-Bot in the control room avoid the disaster, in this Puzzle, skill and shooting game.

Also 5 Maps with 34+ levels, 1st Button in Kbot, the first in the ranking will discover another surprise and win the badges!


3* Write your answer in the following field, send it to validate it, and release the Trophy, unique and historical.

You can use K-Bot to send Gamessages or other...


Message text

Road Map to Project K.


Do you want to know more about me?

I am an Engineer, also an artist (illustrator) and an entrepreneur, After more than 10 years of experience in the development of various video games, apps and technologies... it is time to change the rules of the game, follow me, and you will know more about me and How does this adventure continue...

Let's start this movement and start having fun right now!




Coming soon, something bigger... Find out on our networks and Mailing list.

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By playing K-Bot and filling out the data to participate, you accept the   Terms and Conditions and data use policies

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