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Video games are more than entertainment, let's prove it! , copy and solve this encrypted puzzle on K-Bot, win NFT Art (BlkCh EcoFriendly) entitled to royalties and another % for the planet, first NFFT in history!
Let's finance the K! project.



With this riddle the Video Games will save the planet:

3 riddles, 3 NFFTs from the art of K-Bot, The 1st game of PROJECT K. A % to help the planet, the rest to found and expand project K, this will be reflected in the value of your NFFts, follow me, find out and be a pioneer of this movement.

-I am IvanOozeLeon, with more than 10 years in art, engineering, video game programming, apps, entrepreneurship and technological experiences, it's time to change the rules of the game- Follow me!

  1. Copy the encrypted question.

  2. Download K-BotKrypto Gamessenger.

  3. Paste the encrypted question into the second K-Bot option.

  4. Play and discover the question.

  5. Enter the correct answer to release the NFT Trophy before others


¿What is an NFFT? 


With K-BOT win the first NFFT Trophy (BlockChain Polygon, eco-friendly) with value increasing thanks to the project, in addition the NFT has a contract that gives the bearer a royalty return, a % of profits for one year (to be defined).

It's the first ever NFFT or Financial Non-Fungible Token, it's LIKE getting a financial contract with nice unique art drawn on the "paper". That is Revalued in 2 ways.

There will be NFFTs with rights to % of project shares.  The collection will be available soon.

Let's fund PROJECT K: start of a new way of interacting with video games, one that will take you out of your house into a new universe!.


¿ How?
1* Copy the Encrypted question:

To crack the riddle question, please copy this complete code and "Paste" it into...


Lvl 1


2* Download and Paste in K-Bot the code,
Play it to crack this Riddle and save the world from devastation.


3* Write your answer in the following field, send it to validate it and release your unique and historical NFT Trophy.


Fill The captcha

1st Chapter: K-Bot the prelude to an adventure around the world!
But first we must save it.

Avoid with your skills a disaster in an old and insecure nuclear plant, you are Professor Ives and with his robot K-Bot in the control room avoid the disaster, in this Puzzle, skill and shooting game.

There are also 5 Maps with 34+ levels, 1st Button in Kbot, the first in the ranking will discover another surprise and win badges!


Our Planet Wins!

You Win: The rewards


Lvl 1.

The one who successfully answers the first encrypted question Gets:

* An exclusive NFT Trophy for the 1st level of difficulty, it is something historical, unique and a symbol of this new universe, entitled to a % of royalties from the Project.


And the 1st in  Map Ranking:

* The treasure chest with a surprise

Road Map to Project K.


Follow my story and find out how this weird idea started!


I am @IvanOozeLeon artist illustrator and engineer, more than 10 years ago I started making video games, and since I was a child stories and characters, now apps and technology for different brands, companies and for architectural projects, after the 2011 tsunami I started making games with purpose , work for projects with World Vision, in 2016 I released my own K-Bot video game wanting to raise funds for causes within them to help a friend with surgery for his Baby.

Then I decided to learn new technologies and make other types of video games, a new version of K-Bot now called Krypto Gamessenger, with a whole world of possibilities to send and receive encrypted messages that are decrypted when played.

But this is just the beginning, a universe is coming that expands the possibilities of ours using BlockChain, reinforced learning and the possibility that you explore a world that we are going to build together, follow me to be aware of the progress and change the rules of the Game.

Please share Gamessages! , using K-Bot with friends.


Let's start this movement and start having fun right now!



What is K-Bot, and what is the K project?

K-Bot Krypto Gamessenger is a second version of the 2016 video game K-Bot Nuclear Power Plant Emergency, with a totally new and revolutionary game mode, where you can send and receive "Gamemessages" or encrypted messages that can be revealed and give points . The challenge of the moment is to crack 3 encrypted riddles to participate for the NFFTs.

Project K, on the other hand, is the spiritual successor of K-Bot but on a larger scale and geo-positioned, participating for points and conquering territories, and integrating into the real world, a game that will expand this world. Proceeds from K-Bot will be used to fund the start of the K project with name and details to be revealed later.  It is possible that a Crypto token will be created on the Block Chain to decentralize and be able to manage NFTs and other assets generated in the game, but that will be analyzed in the future.

Who is the creator and what does he want to achieve?

IvanOozeLeon is the creator of K-Bot, with his brother Carlos they have created L-Mental Games SAS, Iván is an Electronic and Telecom Engineer, Artist (illustrator) and digital entrepreneur, he has participated in several video game projects as well in serious apps, in most cases with an emphasis on graphics and gamification. He is now studying development technologies on BlockChain and Data Science.   He also has some knowledge of 3D, animation and digital marketing, more works at

he seeks to create experiences supported by new technologies that empower the player and users to have fun, build and evolve while positively impacting the real world.

To play K-Bot, do I need crypto-currencies or a crypto wallet?

NO, at the moment Kbot is a mobile game where the only crypto is the encrypted messages that can be sent and decrypted by playing them.
In-game coins and tickets, in the form of points, are only for the in-game economy at the moment. Allowing it to be used to access levels, and buy skins. There are no in-app purchases with real money.

The goal of the tournament is to give away NFFTs (which will be minted on a BlockChain but outside of the game) to promote the next development
from  LMental Games, make it more visible and get funding for the K project.

Do I need to know about BlockChain to participate?

NO, decrypting or encrypting messages in K-Bot never requires technical knowledge, if for some reason you won an NFFT, you will be instructed to get your blockchain wallet and receive it which is a simple matter.

Are NFFTs an investment, how can I obtain or contribute?

Whether NFFTs or financial NFTs, in this case entitled to one year of royalties, can be considered a two-way investment first as a valuation in the artistic market (traditional NFTs), and second as a financial contract with the right to a % of profits from the project for a year to be determined. In this way, an acquisition today of an NFFT can have repercussions on profits for the sale in the future after the project becomes more relevant and impact, and on the other hand you can enjoy profits based on the business performance of the future K project. It's a win win.

There are two ways to contribute and obtain an NFFT, winning one of the 3 challenges by answering the encrypted riddles, they will be published as they are solved or by buying one in the project profile auctions on the Open Sea store, NFFts are mostly minted on a blockchain parallel network to Ethereum called Polygon that has proof of consensus or "Proof of Stake" therefore does not require large amounts of computation and energy for its mining, that is, they are Eco friendly.

Is this an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

No, at no time in this stage of the project is there a distribution of tokens or Cryptocurrencies, nor are we creating a new Block Chain. It is possible that in the future Project K will evolve into a network that may have its own Token or even its own Block Chain, but that will depend on how the project evolves sustainably. For now, the focus is on the Launch of K-Bot and that it can sponsor the start of the development of the K project, more details will be revealed later, follow us to be informed.

Are NFFTs transferable?

Yes, once acquired, either as a challenge prize, or as a purchase in the auction, it is available to the owner, sell them, give them away or transfer them at any time. Of course, as they are NFFTs, at the time of using the royalty year, they will only be delivered to the account that owns them at the time or year of executing the contract.

Do NFFTs make me a partner in the project?

NO, for the moment only sponsors by allowing us exposure and resources, from which they can benefit from royalties for a time or the revaluation of the NFTs, possibly in the future NFFTs will be taken out with % of shares in the project but that will be defined in the future.

Is there a team behind the Project?

Yes, initially L-Mental Games S.a.s is a company made up of two people, Iván Leon. Ch, An Electronic Engineer, developer of apps and technology, as well as an artist (illustrator), and Carlos A. Ch. an investor and financial advisor and Civil Engineer. In addition to several advisors from different areas, we are an Indie studio with knowledge and experience of some years exploring various products and services, with ups and downs and victories as in any organization that is learning. I started development as a Freelance but it's time to move on to new challenges and levels. For this we will make a great call and unite the best to the team. See above who is IvanOozeLeon.

When will project K come out?

The proposed roadmap or project schedule will be our time trial, with the first playable alpha version anticipated for the third quarter of 2022. After July and a Beta version for the last quarter of the year after October. We will do our best to fulfill it, follow us to be informed when we succeed in this adventure.

 Gamesssages are free?

Yes, the Gamessages sent in K-Bot are totally free, and there is no limit to play or send them, but only the ones played that come from another player or source  give points, play your own created messages does not give points (G-Kets).

Does the NFFT have any kind of guarantee?

The NFFT and its financial returns depend on the success of the project, in that sense it would be a risk investment, to which we advise that if you want to acquire one to support the project, buy it with money that you are willing to risk, we also advise that you buy it alone if you like the idea and the feeling of the project and want to be part of the community. However, it is possible that just because it is a collectible art object, the NFT will value itself a little.

Help us share it with more people so that its fame grows, become an ambassador, help us and participate in the success.

How can I help publicize this project?

Follow us on networks and chat channels, share our posts, and obviously play K-Bot and share the challenges and gamessages with your friends.

How can I trust that the project will come true?

The project is beyond being a simple project to take advantage of the wave of the moment, yes, it is true that it has been modified to fit more with the impulse of new technologies, but both K-Bot and the future Project K have been conceived for many years with the accumulated experience of past projects. Its spirit is that software and achievements in video games can also impact and help in the real world. Therefore, there have been years of knowledge, effort and investment, as well as soul and spirit dreams to positively affect, take video games to another level and change the rules of the game.
Already invested and done the most, we will give all of us, to make whatever it takes come true.

What platforms is it available for, will it be on Steam?

Initially Android and IOs, but work is already underway to release a version for PC, we will analyze future versions for other systems
in case of success.



Coming soon, something bigger... Find out on our networks and Mailing list.

Fill The captcha

By playing K-Bot and filling in the data to participate, you accept the Terms and Conditions and data use policies  /

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