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Could Video Games help to Save The World?

How many times do we have to hear that video games are a waste of time, that they make us violent that they are useless ...

Are we going to let them continue saying it? or the time has come for Video Games to Save the World .... Literally

Shut up mouths!


A Menace is Rising , a Pollution radioactive mutated monster ?.

In this 1st chapter avoid with your ability a nuclear disaster from an old unsecure  nuclear power plant. 

If your blood is fill of Digital challenge, solve this encrypted question in the video game "Kbot Krypto Gamessenger" and Everybody will win !. 

Save the planet (Literally) having fun with videogames! it's free.   


Lvl 1

Start the Chain reaction 

and participate now !

Save the world in one of the following TWO ways:


A. Play the levels, they are 5 Maps with 34+ levels and growing,
Collect a special badge for each map. and Seeks to be the first in the RANKING (1st prize for the 1st in Map 1,  the GOLD badge)
Watch out for the "Killer Levels".


B. Play the encrypted "Gamemessages" and decrypt them by following the steps below:

1 * Copy the Encrypted question:

To decipher the enigmatic question, copy this complete code and "Paste it" to play in the second option of the application, decipher and respond in your networks by naming us @ on Facebook or Instagram and challenging a friend to decipher it.


2* Descarga y Pega en K-Bot el código,

Juégalo para decifrar este Enigma y salvar al mundo de la devastación.


Fase Beta:  Sé el primero en encontrar la respuesta !
... y el misterioso premio.

3*Send your Answer
Envía tu respuesta:
¡Clasifícanos!Bastante mal / worseNo tan bien / Not so goodBien / GoodMuy bien / very goodImpresionante / excellent¡Clasifícanos!

Thanks for being a hero! Your Opinion is so Important , Tu opinion es Muy importante!


Can we Claim together at least 1 Million of G- ECOins ?


Download Now ! and start this adventure

Digital ECOntent aproved !


​​​A player will Win The Jackpot!


Lvl 1

* EL primero en el Ranking para el primer mapa.

* El que responda satisfactoriamente la primera pregunta encripatada del primer código puesto arriba.



* An Sponsor gift!.​ (Help us to reach that sponsor)

*Barra personalizada  en el juego.


​​​Our Planet Win!

I've created the K-bot Krypto Gamessenger  game. Solve all Gamessages by playing it, collect G-ECOins (especially from ADS) and save the World! we will donate a % of the profits  (get alot of it) to help the planet. read more..


#VideogamesKill ... the boring, the passivity, 




Follow my Story and know how this crazy idea started!

Hi, I'm IvanOozeLeon, I'm an artist an Electronic Engeenering who Believe that Videogames are most than entertaiment,  Is the moment that our passion and skills turn in a movement that Help the world.  #PlayIt4ThePlanet.

Many times we have seen how these activities are demonized most of the times unfairly, but thanks to studies it has been proven that playfulness improves cognitive abilities and also the benefit for our brain to have a good time is double. Now it would help the planet too. Of course using them with responsibility.

That is our premise.


Let me continue Founding this iniciative, let me bring to live,  projects, experiences, videogames and technology,  each time better that have a positive impact in us and our enviroment.   Continue reading my history and more.

please Share Gamessages using K-Bot  with friends.

Start helping and having fun Right now !!

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