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Could Gamers and Influencers Save The World?

Hi, I'm IvanOozeLeon, I'm an artist an Electronic Engeenering who Believe that Videogames are most than entertaiment,  Is the moment that our passion and skills turn in a movement that Help the world.  #PlayIt4ThePlanet.

Many times we have seen how these activities are demonized most of the times unfairly, but thanks to studies it has been proven that playfulness improves cognitive abilities and also the benefit for our brain to have a good time is double. Now it would help the planet too. Of course using them with responsibility.

That is our premise.


A Menace is Rising , a Pollution radioactive mutated monster ?.

In this 1st chapter avoid with your ability a nuclear disaster from an old unsecure  nuclear power plant. 

If your blood is fill of Digital challenge, solve this encrypted question in the video game "Kbot Krypto Gamessenger" and Everybody will win !. 

Save the planet (Literally) having fun with videogames! it's free.   


Lvl 1

Start the Chain reaction !

 To decipher the enigmatic question for the first link and start the Chain, copy this full Encrypted Question that you must play at the 2nd option of the app, so decipher and answer to the sender in a video.


So create another one Gamessage and send for the next in chain...


Can we Claim together at least 1 Million of G- ECOins ?


Download Now ! and start this adventure

Can you imagine a seal of commitment to the environment and sustainability for digital content? ask for more projects that join this cause generating content that helps.


How to Participate? Check this!

All we are digital heros, participate as a fan (read more) or as an influencer in :

The  Game Chain Contest


Be the first to light the spark, Begin the Game Chain.

If you are an
influencer (Youtube, Twitch, Instagram..) that love videogames and you have between 1.000 to 100.000 subscribers or these views in last 3 videos. You can start the Chain.



1* Make a video solving the above gamessage in "Kbot Crypto Gamessenger" game if is first link in the chain, if not, resolve the received Krypto Gamessage from remitter, and send a new one to at least 2 other Influencers (increases the chances of being part of the winning Chain) that have 2X (twice) followers than you OR that viewers in their last 3 videos.  for channels with more than 10 million of subscribers invite influencers with at least same number of subs or more.

2* Challenge sending/showing a Gamessage to your community too. You could create a contest with them. (2nd Button in Kbot Game, paste in video description)





3* Name all channels , Influencers that integrate the chain at the beginning of the video, e.g This Game chain are : @Youtuber1 , @JoeShmoe2... til you.  (everyone wins exposure between audiences).




4* Explain this rules to the next in the Chain (Share this web link). But when reach the 10th influencer in the Chain, to close it, must send the last gamessage to L-Mental Games  or






5* Winners are the CLOSED CHAIN that complies with these rules, and have more number of views in compound of all videos playing the "Gamessage" , and can own the Great Jackpot :

   20% of Gains for the winner chain integrants  40% for Planet .





Is not necessary a login to participate , Login (email) is for the ranking Contest. Not used Facebook Login, we not need more data than your email and points.

Read all Terms  and conditions to participate.


​​​A Chain will Win The Jackpot!


Lvl 1 Winners are the CLOSED CHAIN that complies with these rules, and have more number of views in compound of all videos playing the "Gamessage".



* An Sponsor gift!.​ (Help us to reach that sponsor)

* Can own the Great Jackpot :   20% of Gains for the winner chain integrants  40% for Planet .

*Custom Bar's Skin character for the First and last Influencer in chain


​​​Our Planet Win!

I've created the K-bot Krypto Gamessenger  game. Solve all Gamessages by playing it, collect G-ECOins (especially from ADS) and save the World! we will donate a % of the profits  (get alot of it) to help the planet. read more..


Follow my Story and know how this crazy idea started!


Let me continue Founding this iniciative, let me bring to live,  projects, experiences, videogames and technology,  each time better that have a positive impact in us and our enviroment.   Continue reading my history and more.

please Share Gamessages using K-Bot  with friends.

Start helping and having fun Right now !!

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